Daniel J. Miess

20190504_174134My father would sit me down on his lap and read me stories.  I can still hear the deep tones of his voice as he would turn the pages, showing me the pictures as the story progressed.   Perhaps, that is the reason why I love words.

I began to write poetry at an early age.  Most of the poetry that I wrote as a child was on pieces of white, lined paper, the kind that we tend to use for assignments.  When I was first exposed to Walt Whitman and Dylan Thomas, I began to experiment with Free Verse.

Years may have passed, but my love of reading and writing has not diminished.  On May 15, 2016, I finished my BA in Creative Writing, Summa Cum Laude.  However, my love of learning was undiminished.  Since then, I decided to continue my education.  I am currently studying English and Creating Writing as part of Chapman University’s dual MA/MFA program.

While continuing my studies, I spend much of my time writing and submitting my work to various literary magazines.  My creative work has been published in such places as the Henniker Review, the Harbinger Asylum, The Mud Season Chronicles: A New England Anthology, Adelaide Independent Literary Magazine, and the Anastamos Library.