A Brief Introduction

Perhaps, the word to describe me would be a collage.  Why a collage?  A collage is made up of many pieces that make a whole.  There are various themes that I draw upon.

A)  I grew up in a Pentecostal Christian Background.  I am a minister’s son.  While I cannot agree with the framework and beliefs, church did make up a big part of my life growing up.  Added to it, I went to a Christian High School.  It’s safe to say that my parents’ intentions were for me to believe what they believed.  I do not.  At an early age, I while still holding to their beliefs I questioned them.  There were things that I experienced that they could not provide answers to.  As my life progressed, I became to see life as more of a mosaic of truths rather than one Truth.

B)  I am a gay man.  I don’t desire this to be the only thing that describes me.  There’s much more.  However, it is important because the one major thing that led me to question Pentecostalism was that there was one characteristic I had that they believed was a sin.  After being depressed, and having a couple experiences that could be described as both adventures and misadventures, I started a religious explorations that led me to first to explore Liberal or Progressive Christian Churches, then eventually has led me to explore the Quakers and Unitarians, Buddhists and Hindus and even Paganism.

C)  I am creative.  Both through writing, painting and drawing, it is important that I express myself.  I still don’t have a definite idea where it will lead me, but my hope is that some will be inspired to do greater things themselves.

D)  I returned to college later in life.  My life was in a state of flux after being in a Bible School.  I think part of that is developing a good self-esteem and being independent.  At the urging of friends and family members I have decided to explore myself through education.  Certainly, I have read many books, but I feel it is now important for me to have that piece of paper that says that Daniel has completed his degree.

E)  I am now a married man.  I am truly lucky that my husband Kelly Bellimer walked into my life.  He has helped to center me and has helped bring me to the place I am now.


12 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction

  1. Thanks for connecting. I love this post. Your thoughts are almost indentical to my own, which is quirky. It took me years to know, understand and love the authentic me; and that is what being quirky is all about, being my authentic self. Even your personality traits are nearly all the same. Which country do you live in? I also think the same, life is a beautiful gift and I like helping and giving.

      1. Hi Daniel. Life is always hectic for me. I do a full-time day job. I am a part-time self-employed Tutor which is in term time only, and I am a writer. My Break though the barriers of redundancy book is being published soon on Amazon. It was sunny today but I work in John lewis department store so don’t get to be in the sun much today.

      2. I just read my last comment back and it was poor English with a misspelled word. That is not good for a writer. I really must get some sleep, now! It should read – My book: Break through the barriers of redundancy to get back into work, is available to buy soon on Amazon. I worked today in John Lewis, that is a department store, and so I didn’t get to be in the sun much.

      3. Hi there, I am enjoying my summer. At age 35, I decided to return back to college. I decided to study English Secondary Ed, so yes, I am studying to be an English teacher. The summers are a bit calmer. So, currently, my husband and I set up tables at a local flea market and I am spending quite a bit of time reading. Admittedly, I am a little bit of a nerd. One thing I like about WordPress is that it opens you open to the world, and I am pleased to make the acquaintance of someone across the pond. New Hampshire is especially beautiful during the autumn. The leaves here can be stunning. I suggest coming during the first two weeks of October to see it. You certainly sound like quite the busy lady! I am sure that your life will open up beyond your wildest dreams! I hope you had a great weekend!

      4. Thank you Daniel. That is a lovely and encouraging message and its great to learn more about you. I teach Blogging as an aid to recovery for the NHS part-time. I am glad you like teaching too. I took a year out ftom retail from Oct 2011 -Oct 2012 and went back into education to do a ton of courses. One was a teaching qualification. As I didn’t have enough teaching experience, I couldn’t get a teaching job at the time. Since working in retail, I got put forward for a teaching job and got it. So ironic.

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